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Create your Digital Twin warehouse in a matter of hours.

WareBee is digital twin copy of your warehouse, it’s acts as a real-time model of you warehouse physical space and all it’s data and processes within it.
Digital Warehouse will simulate both the physical space, navigation, as well as all the many complex processes you have in the warehouse, like picking routes, putaway, replenishment and more.

WareBee helps to improve warehouse processes to reduce cost, improve service and make your business more profitable.

With Digital Twin software is an essential and the missing link in digitising your warehouse and the digitising the whole supply chain.

Warehouse digital twins are the latest technology innovation in logistics, they bring together the power of AI and the physical world closer together, allowing you both to see how your warehouse operated in the past, and help predict the future.

Making a Warehouse Metaverse, where you can play and experiment with multiple models to find the best, and the most cost-effective way to improve the warehouse operations.

What is a Digital Twin Warehouse?

WareBee is digital copy of your warehouse, it’s can simulate both the physical space, navigation, as well as many complex processes in the Warehouse, like picking, putaway, replenishment and more…

What is does?

But WareBee is not only a simulator, WareBee AI can not only simulate the current or historical status, but also help you predict the future, and make unlimited what-if scenarios. It’s can help you evaluate what kind of Automation is the most cost-effective. Evaluate your Workforce and Equipment. Experiment with different layouts, racking types.
We aslo helps you audit your warehouse for Safety, identify overweight, and oversized items, Hazmat and Dangerous goods, and any custom policy you wish.

Step 1 — Everything starts with Data

Warehouse Data Management

Warehouse (Master) Data

Warehouse Data Manager and Importer — WareBee has a data engine that easily lets you import data from any source.

Warehouse Data Types (examples)

Location Sizes

Stock Assignment

Product catalog (SKUs)

Historical Orders


Warehouse Knowledge Graph

Warehouse Data Unification and Knowledge Graphs. Making Complexity Simple.
Data unification merges and unifies data from all the available sources. The process involves data cleansing, deduplication, classification, and schema integration, thereby providing an accurate and unified data source. Later used for warehouse business intelligence and prediction modelling.

Warehouse Data Sources


WareBee complements any WMS, just export the data as CSV, and import it back to us automatically.

CSV, Excel and Spreadsheets

WareBee complements any WMS, just export the data as CSV, and import it back to us automatically.

ERP Systems

WareBee complements any WMS, just export the data as CSV, and import it back to us automatically.

IoT, Sensors and Robots

WareBee complements any WMS, just export the data as CSV, and import it back to us automatically.

Step 2 — Warehouse Design

Visualization and design made easier, a different paradigm for warehouse design. Quickly try new floor plans and experiment with new workflows virtually.

Visualise your warehouse data

Warehouse Layout Designer

Warehouse designer, redesigned. AI guided designer module to convert your location data into a Digital Warehouse model.

Warehouse Design Planner

Interactive Layout Designer

Warehouse AI Designer,  will automatically create a map of your warehouse layout (warehouse floor plan) based on the locations dimensions data. No coordinates needed. With a virtual digital twin layout, new storage, automation and MHE equipment can be tested virtually, without a need for rearrangement of physical assets.

Warehouse AI assisted designer

Map Engine

Create virtual layouts of warehouses and distribution centers.
Experiment with how new designs, equipment, and automation could improve future operations, all with just a few clicks.

Navigation & Routing Engine

Warehouse navigation routes and paths will be automatically generated by the AI. Creating a 2.5D navigation map of the warehouse. Will act as a basis for the warehouse traffic flow.

Step 3 — Warehouse Planning

Intuition is good, but making data-driven decisions is better. Digital Twin planning offers a radically new approach for modelling complex warehouse process in a simple way.

Warehouse Strategic Planning

Warehouse Planning

Warehouse AI Planning tools helps automate and evaluate multiple scenarios to reduce cost, increase operational efficiency, and compliance.

Workforce Planner

Analyse your warehouse workforce utilisation to improve operational performance, find inefficiencies and ensure compliance and regulations.

Resource Planner

Plan your resources with data, analyse your MHE equipment, understand utilisation, CO2 impact and explore what-if automation and robotics solutions costs and benefits.

Warehouse AI Consultant

Analytics as a Service

Improve your decision-making proccess with monthly, weekly, even daily planning cycles.
With Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS),  leverage your data to simulate and get actionable results.

Digitise your warehouse and build a data-driven organisation to help you identify valuable and actionable improvement opportunities.

Warehouse Digital Consultant

Warehouse AI consultant will continuously suggest actionable tasks to improve your business effectiveness. 

Warehouse Compliance and Risk Audit

Policy Engine

Warehouse optimization improving productivity and resource utilisation with AI.

Risk & Compliance Engine

Warehouse optimization improving productivity and resource utilisation with AI.

BI Engine

Continuously analyse your Warehouse KPI and compare them to industry standards.

Warehouse Slotting Optimisation

By understanding the parameters of your warehouse operation, and modelling to generate heatmaps of the existing warehouse layout, WareBee will visualise and demonstrate where your existing slotting can be improved. You can then simulate and experiment with alternative slotting layouts and policies and optimise these by comparing reports and knowledge of the operational policies and constraints.

Optimising your warehouse slotting will help to lower warehousing operations costs and increase efficiency.

Warehouse Heatmaps

Visually analyse your warehouse with different heatmapping techniques. Interact and visualise your ABC items analysis, Analyse aisle congestion, Fast vs Slow moving Locations analytics and multiple compliance policies.

Interactive Heatmapping analysis, provides you analyse your warehouse in a very detail and visual way, giving you insights you haven’t see before. Visualise space utilisation, SKU allocations and more.

Step 4 — Warehouse Optimisation

Model and simulate your warehouse future. Use the power of your data, to get actionable results.

Warehouse Optimisation

Warehouse Optimiser

WareBee optimises your warehouse using complex modelling and correlation to find the most cost-effective way for the warehouse and the re-slotting.

Warehouse Optimisation Consultant

Digital Twin Optimisation

WareBee Digital Twin can optimise for Slotting, Picking Path (routing), Replenishment, Congestion, Co2, resource utilisation and many more.

Warehouse AI assisted designer

Implement Guide

Get the cost-effective way to implement the recommendations, including an option to validate the suggested plan.

Data Exporter

Export the suggested re-slotting plan to any WMS. The plan can be individual tasks or a suggested policy.

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