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Your Warehouse,

Visualized.Analyzed.Optimized.Compliant.More Efficient!Resilient.

WareBee helps warehouses improve productivity,
better utilize resources and become more sustainable.
It is
quick to start and simple to use!

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    Warehouse Digital Twin Platform

    WareBee is designed to help you automate decision-making processes in warehouse operations, driving costs down and sales up.
    Warehouse visibility to get actionable insights. See your warehouse from all angles.


    Warehouse analytics to measure cost, CO2, resource utilisation. Compare your warehouse to the industry standards.


    Warehouse audit of multiple compliance types. Map the risks to stock and operations.

    Be Compliant

    Warehouse optimisation improving productivity and resource utilisation. Start it today!


    How it works?

    Let WareBee show how your warehouse operates

    Import Data

    Upload warehouse data using our simple import wizards. You only need locations, orders, stock and items.

    WareBee AI

    WareBee AI builds a digital copy (digital twin) of your warehouse and operations.

    Analyse and Optimise

    WareBee visualises, analyses, checks compliance and optimises your warehouse in a matter of minutes.

    2-step approach to warehouse optimization

    Your Warehouse optimisation journey is easy to start.

    Warehouse Optimised, Analysed and with compliance in mind. Slotting optimisation, Congestion analysis


    Your warehouse KPIs

    ABC Analytics

    Quickly filter fast, medium or slow movers.

    Layout with Heatmap

    Your warehouse heatmap shows ABC analysis. Drill down to examine individual bays and locations.

    Step 1

    Understand your Warehouse performance

    WareBee combines all your Warehouse data in a single view.
    WareBee analyses all operational processes breaking them down into individual steps.

    WareBee integrates labour, physical space and equipment KPIs to create the most accurate performance dashboard of the operations.

    Step 2

    Improve your Warehouse productivity

    WareBee reslots your warehouse to create the most efficient order fulfilment process while maintaining compliance.

    WareBee compliments your WMS optimising the picking route minimising congestion and item stackability issues.

    Item Re-Assignment

    Maximise optimisation impact by following WareBee top movers recommendations

    Layout with Recommendation

    Move your stock to improve productivity

    Want to learn more or have a specific use case?

    Let’s talk about how we can put WareBee to work for you.

    Talk to one of our warehouse experts about what WareBee can do.

    Drop us a line in the chat or schedule a meeting!

    See the WareBee in action and learn more about how to improve your warehouse productivity.

    Quick to Start. Simple to Use.

    WareBee designed to help you get results as fast as possible.

    Zero risk trial – 30 days of full access

    Get actionable results in
    hours, not weeks or months

    We will guide you through each step of the optimization process. Our interactive wizards will validate your data and suggest parameters based on industry standards.
    You will get actionable recommendations instantly.

    WareBee is quick to start and simple to use!

    Take the next step

    Speak with an expert

    Talk to one of our warehouse experts about what WareBee can do.

    Request a demo

    See the WareBee in action and learn more how to improve your warehouse efficiency.

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    Join one of our webinars, and see how other customers solve similar problems.

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