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Cut Costs.
Save Time.
Optimize your Warehouse.

Improve warehouse throughput and resource utilisation by re-slotting warehouse locations.

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Warehouse Digital Twin Blueprint
WareBee Digital Twin AI - Warehouse Analytics, Optimisation, Compliance, Resilience, Slotting, Audit, Co2 and ABC Analysis KPIs

Warehouse optimization with actionable results

Optimize your warehouse with WareBee AI and make better planning decisions while reducing costs.

With the WareBee Dynamic Optimization engine, you can achieve optimal results in just a few hours. Take advantage of strategic (macro) and tactical (micro) slotting options to implement continuous improvement strategies.

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ABC Analysis

Quickly filter your locations by ABC

Orders List

Drill down to the individual event of each order line

Compare View

Compare "Before" and "After" assignments.

Optimize picking route

Optimizing your warehouse picking route is a challenging task due to numerous operational constraints and business requirements. WareBee AI simplifies this process by providing a powerful tool that considers all factors and balances the complexity of constraints to find the best slotting location and finding the best picking routes. WareBee AI quickly finds the best location assignment for stock items, shortening travelling time and increasing picking productivity.

Minimize congestion

Accurately measure congestion in picking locations and aisles.

Eliminate bottlenecks.

Improve throughput.

WareBee Digital Twin AI - Warehouse Order Picking path Routing Optimisation, Congestion Optimisation and resloting

Order List

Compare top orders and improvements that can be achieved

Congestion map with picking path

See how congestion affects your picking path

Warehouse What-If analysis and Warehouse Simulation Software with ABC Heatmap Analysis

Main KPIs

Main KPIs and expected savings across time, cost and CO2

KPI Chart

Learn fast about the potential to improve operations while staying compliant

Comparison View

Non Compliant Locations view

Optimal compliance

Maintain compliance while optmizing performance.

Multiple compliance types will be considered simultaneously:

  • Dangerous Goods
  • Fire Safety
  • Fair Trade Storage requirements
  • Local policies and rules

Lowest CO2 footprint

Optimize becoming more sustainable.

Recommended assignment will produce less CO2.

Warehouse Optimised, Analysed and with compliance in mind. Slotting optimisation, Congestion analysis


Analyze your warehouse, using ABC analytics, KPIs, detailed order routes analysis.

ABC Analytics

Visually learn fast how fast and slow moving items are organized in the warehouse.

Layout with Heatmap

At this instance, showing a ABC analytics heatmap, with Fast Moving items (SKUs), Medium and Slow movers all shown up in a unified view.

“What If” simulations

Experiment with your warehouse supported by your data.

Change your layout or calculate what warehouse automation can do for you.

  • Compare operational costs
  • Find a “greener” layout, lowering CO2
  • Utilize your resources better

WareBee Digital Twin AI - Warehouse Dashboard with KPIs, Graphs for Analytics, Optimisation, Compliance, Resilience and Efficiency. Excel Spreadsheet Alternative

Item Re-Assignment

Make the most impact to the Cost with re-assigning the top "influencer" items in a chain sequence, generated by the AI.

Layout with Assignment Path

See the optimal path for the reassignment of the items.

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