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Your Warehouse,

Visualized.Analyzed.Optimized.Compliant.More Efficient!Resilient.

WareBee helps your warehouse improve productivity, better utilise resources and become more sustainable.

It is quick to start and simple to use!


Warehouse visibility to get actionable insights. See your warehouse from new perspectives.

Be Compliant

Warehouse audit of multiple compliance types. Map the risks to stock and operations.


Warehouse analytics to measure cost, CO2, resource utilization. Compare your warehouse to the industry standards.


Warehouse optimization improving productivity and resource utilisation with AI.

Warehouse Optimised, Analysed and with compliance in mind. Slotting optimisation, Congestion analysis

Visualise your warehouse data, get immediate insights.

WareBee Layout Designer quickly creates the visual model of your warehouse, unlocking the value of spatial data.

You will instantly see location issues, stock positions, picking routes and occupancy heatmaps, creating actionable insights.

Analyze your warehouse performance, make data-driven decisions.

Measure and benchmark  your warehouse performance, Workforce, Cost to Serve, CO2 footprint, space and resource utilisation.

Compare your warehouse to industry standards. Monitor your warehouse most important KPIs.

WareBee Digital Twin AI - Warehouse Order Picking path Routing Optimisation, Congestion Optimisation and resloting

Make your warehouse

Audit warehouse compliance and map the risks to stock and operations. Analyse if your Bays are overweight, Locations has oversized items, your assignment policy is not compliant

Warehouse Compliance Overloaded Weight Safety auditing
Warehouse What-If analysis and Warehouse Simulation Software with ABC Heatmap Analysis

Cut Costs.
Save Time.
Optimize your Warehouse.

Improve warehouse throughput and resource utilisation by re-slotting warehouse locations.

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