Top 7 Best Android Games With Controller Support 2020

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Do you love Android Games? And want to know which Android Games comes with Controller Support? Well, you are in the right place.

In this post, I am going to showing you 10 Best Android Games with Controller Support.

Oddmar Android Game

Oddmar is just a fantastic platforming game by the developers of Leo’s fortune. 

So you know that this is just going to be of insane quality, and it is. I love this game the graphics are great but also only in terms of the core gameplay in the controls this game plays much better than most other platforming games I’ve ever played.

This is one the Best Android Games With Controller Support a fantastic game, and if you like platforming games, you should check this one out.  

I am in love with this game and also because the controls work perfectly. 

On the gameplay’s left side, we’ve got the joystick that allows us to tap anywhere. 

It has a Very clean and beautiful UI.

Download Oddmar Game

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Tesla vs Lovecraft

Tesla vs Lovecraft is a third-person shooting game that comes with Android Games Controller Support. It’s cool. I’m glad we got a new game like this that came out. 

Currently, the game is Paid, and it will cost you around 10$.

But I think it’s worth it. 

But still, if you want it for free Comments down below, I will provide you with the free Download Link.

It’s an entertaining game. It’s crazy they’re just kind of like constant Zombies coming at you. There’s you have a weapon upgrade with different weapons. 

Controls are pretty good in this game with no issues there. 

The soundtrack is also awesome.


Download Tesla vs Lovecraft 

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Dead Effect 2

Top 7 Best Android Games With Controller Support 2020

Let’s take a look at Dead Effect 2 Backstory. 

BadFly Interactive developed dead Effect 2. 

The game was created as a mobile game in 2015 but later got released in PC Version as well in February 2016.

The story follows where the original left off it is set on spaceship ESS Meridian after the death of Professor Wagner, the antagonist in the first game graphics. 

Even though the game is being advertised as being a great-looking game with slick graphics personally, I found the pictures to be rather underwhelming in this day and age character models look stiff and unnatural animations vary significantly in quality. 

Even the environments are rather uninspired and rough around the edges. 

The gun models, on the other hand, look reasonably well. 

Download Dead Effect 2 

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Modern Combat Versus

Another Android Games With Controller Support:

Modern Combat has been a thinly disguised tribute to Call of Duty. A frenetic ly paced military FPS with a heavily scripted single-player campaign. 

Modern Combat Versus is trying a different line of attack. It’s a streamlined multiplayer-focused sci-fi shooter that follows more recent console FPS trends. 

It’s less modern warfare more infinite warfare with a hefty dollop of titan fall overwatch, and maybe even Destiny’s spooned. 

On top, each multiplayer battle takes place between two teams of four players, and the goal is to capture and hold a central area blasting any opponents that get in your way.

Soldiers are separated by class, have distinctive weapons, and wear outlandish battle suits, imbuing them with futuristic abilities like the ability to see enemies through walls or erect a forcefield or bun fast. 

But it’s much more stripped back more honed than previous games in the series and not just because there’s no story mode shooting is once again automatic and peering down the sights of your weapon. 

For added precision is a simple matter of double-tapping the screen. It’s a relatively comfortable fit for mobiles. Tough activating your special feels a bit awkward.

The gunplay itself is pretty satisfying though enemies will soak up entire clips without dropping, which can take some of the punch out of things visually. The game is imposing the levels that are far denser and more affluent than the likes of guns of boom, which means they’re simultaneously more impressive. 

Download Modern Combat Versus

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Download Android Games With Controller Support

Limbo is one of the best Android Games With Controller Support. 

Again it’s a Paid Game, but if you want, I can provide you with free download Link.

Limbo, which was a great game on the Xbox Live Marketplace some time ago, is now available on Android, and it’s a great game. 

In terms of the actual game itself, it is quite simple. 

You drag your character left and right to make them move, and you swipe up to jump, and you tap to act. 

The game aims to go for as far as you can, and you’re avoiding any bad things along the way. 

And if we talk about graphics, there’s a dreadful kind of style, so it’s incredibly creepy if you are addicted to HD Games. 

In terms of sound design, it is excellent. Gameplay and the graphics are nice, and there is quite a strategy to the game as well. 

Download Limbo

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Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3 is My Favorite in the list of 7 Best Android Games With Controller Support

Now, this is the very long-running Brothers in Arms series created by Gearbox and published by Gameloft. 

Previous versions of Brothers in Arms were very much an on-rails shooter. That means you would move from scene to scene, just shooting everything, and then the computer would move you on to the next scene. 

You had no control as it was in the sense of a traditional first-person or third-person shooter. 

For Brothers in Arms 3, they’ve very much gone for the full controller experience, which is very much welcome. 

However, this game is still very much on rails in the sense that each of the missions is very linear. 

So while you now do have some control over which bit of cover you jump into, you don’t ever have any true freedom to explore the world and find your path through it. 

The graphics certainly are the best we’ve seen this year unless you’re looking at what’s been going on on the Nvidia Shield for specific Tegra K1 optimizations.

Indeed, as a game that is running across a wide range of several Android devices, this is a beautiful looking game, especially when the graphics are turned up full. 

The lighting model makes the game appear quite beautiful, with lots of well-lit scenes. 

The texturing is very good as well, although it’s lending itself more to a cell-shaded animation style in a kind of real hyper type of texturing that we’ve seen in other shooters.

Download Brothers in Arms 3

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Shadow Fight 3 

Shadow Fight 3 is one of the most enjoyable fighting games I’ve played in a long time in the combat system. 

You want to concentrate when you’re playing this game because one slip-up and you are gone.

You have to pay attention to this game. This is one of those games where you have to concentrate. It requires skill to win. 

You have to watch your opponent closely watch their moves and then attack at the right time you have to know when to strike you got to watch exceptionally closely and learn when to counter and what moves to counter with there’s a lot of combos in this game to learn.

It is a perfect game. 

Download Shadow Fight 3 

Watch Gameplay

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